The mysterious allure of Donald Trump’s ass

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There is something unquestionably alluring and mysterious about the former president’s rather voluminous derrière.
For some it is otherworldly and completely irresistible.
Something the uninitiated can never hope to comprehend.

As unappealing as it is to the eye, it attracts MAGAites like kamikaze bugs to a giant zapper. Flies to a fresh and steaming pile of cow dung. Lemmings to the cliff.
To many, it is akin to a religious experience.

Yay, for the evangelicals it even rivals being “born again”.
Some are now proclaiming to have been “re-born again”.

For the less pious, but no less brainwashed, it has…

Welcome To Hell

It stands for, Conservative Political Action Conference.
And it will be taking place next week, Thursday through Sunday, in all of it’s white, odious glory in sunny Orlando, Florida.

Home of Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck and Pluto.
And next week, Donald Trump will be added to the list of cartoon characters.

It is a yearly four day event overflowing with lunacy, hypocrisy, backstabbing and family values.
Some ’Never Trumpers’ and ex-Republicans have suggested that CPAC now stands for: Cravenly Pathetic Assholes Conference. No argument from me.

The lies and bullshit that will be flowing out of Orlando next week…

Pack up your bags kids

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Washington D.C. has spoken.
New York City has spoken
“You are no longer welcome here.”

And now… it’s Palm Beach’s turn.

This past President’s Day, after weeks of planning, a spontaneous crowd of MAGA folks showed up along the gilded sidewalks of the ritzy south Florida hamlet just to welcome the ex president back from yet another grueling day at the golf course.
Makes you proud to be an American.

But because of events like these, this enclave for the wealthy is quickly starting to grow weary of this modern day version of the Beverly Hillbillies and their faithful…

“Get thee behind me.”

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“When I go to meet God at the pearly gates I don’t think he’s going to ask me, ‘Why didn’t you convict Trump?’ I may be wrong but I don’t think that’s gonna be at the top of the list.”
Quoth Senator Lindsey Graham.

For starters, it is my understanding that God doesn’t man the Pearly Gates himself.
I believe that job belongs to St. Peter and he’s been there every single day.

It’s Heaven for Christ’s sake, who needs weekends or vacations?

I’m quite sure God has a nice suite of offices far away from the Pearly Gates. …

Trump’s lawyers lower the bar

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You think Trump is pissed off at his lawyers.
Try the Republican senators.
Curly and Moe (Larry wisely sat this one out) have come careening out of the gate like a couple of over-served teenagers at Spring Break.

Even Michael Cohen could give these guys pointers.
And it’s really sad when the clown prince of all lawyers, Rudy Giuliani , is saying W-T-F?

The senators have cast their lot with these imbeciles and they were expecting at least some basic, 101 lawyering. …

Who’s your daddy?

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Everything Trump touches turns to shit. Just give it enough time.
Like gravity, it’s one of nature’s immutable laws.
It has been that way his entire pathetic life and it’s well documented.
His list of failures is longer than his ridiculous red tie.
Yet for reasons that defy science and logic, and just plain common sense, some people simply refuse to f**king get it.

Seventy million people want him as their king.
Seasoned and professional swindlers still fall under his fading spell.

Lou Dobbs is one of the worst Trump bootlickers on the planet and he’s now out of job…

These days the party is eat up with crazy

Author Generated

The Republican Party has gone off the rails.
Bat shit crazy off the rails.
Gone are the good old days of merely serving their corporate donors and screwing John Q Public.
That was fun while it lasted but when the rank and file finally rolled over and showed their bellies, the bloom was off the rose and they had to dig deeper for shits and giggles.

Send in the clowns.

These days the party is eat up with crazy.
Uncharted waters crazy.
Black Lagoon crazy.
The swamp didn’t get drained. It turned into a white supremacist rave.
It was restocked with a mutant strain…

Who’s it gonna be? Jared, Stacey or Greta?

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The nominees for the 2020 Nobel Prizes are being announced and among the candidates for the Peace prize are three familiar faces: Jared Kushner, Stacey Abrams and Greta Thunberg.

Jared Kushner, as we all know, is an ex-presidential “advisor”, the son-in-law of same ex-president and the halfwit offspring of Charles Kushner, a disbarred, ex-con billionaire. His current claim to fame is as one half of the now nomadic power duo known as Javanka.

He has been nominated for his role in the Abraham Accord. A “peace” brokering between Israel and The United Arab Emirates, two entities that have never once…

Four Seasons Press Conference Pt. 2

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Unpaid Trump lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has announced that he will be once again making an appearance at the Four Seasons Landscapers.

The now famous garage door backdrop, situated between a crematorium and a discount sex toy emporium, will once again host a ‘must see’ press conference by the infamous, international grifter.

Dominion Voting Systems is already suing Giuliani for $1.3 billion and now The Lincoln Project plans to file a similar law suit against Mr. Giuliani for slander.

On a recent Steve Bannon podcast, the ubiquitous Rudy said that the anti-Trump project was responsible for funding the January 6th insurrection…

2024 is right around the corner

Author generated with Vecteezy

The 2020 election is finally over (for at least half of the country anyway), and the race is on for 2024.

Republican presidential wannabes are jockeying for position among the usual corporate and billionaire donors. Supplicating, boot licking and generally abasing themselves for a shot at the crown.

Corporate and billionaire donors are betting the field for now.
Laying back on the big bets until the front runners emerge.
They may have money to burn but they still don’t like looking like chumps.
Pride is more precious than money in that crowd.

At least until his legal troubles overwhelm him…


Sanity Through Satire.

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